We service most of NE Ohio for small parties and events. We do Outdoor movie events throughout Northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

To make a reservation you can use our ONLINE RESERVATION system, contact us by email, or call us at 330-577-FUN1

There is a 33% non-refundable deposit required to hold your reservation; 50% deposit for outdoor movie nights.  Additional deposits may be required if we contract outside vendors to handle some of your requests.  In those cases the deposit would be the greater of NEO Amusements, Inc’s deposit or the outside vendor.

The space required depends on the type of inflatable or activity. The space requirements are shown on each screen of the catalog.

Much of it depends on the size of the event.  For home parties with just a couple of items we will arrive with enough time to have your inflatables and other items ready at least 15 minutes before your scheduled rental time.  For deliveries/pickups requiring that we arrive at a specific time, or before/after our regular delivery hours there will be additional charges.

We realize there are occasions when you may need to cancel or postpone an event or we may cancel your event due to weather conditions.  For those situations we offer our assurance plan.  The plan must be purchased at least 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the start of your event.  Plan charges cannot be carried forward to another event.  Once the charges have been used you must purchase the plan again for them to apply to another event.

Standard Policy

Assurance Plan

Cost of the assurance plan

$0; No Protection provided

$25 for every $500 or fraction thereof.

Accidental damage protection:

No Protection; $0

$500 per item; $2000 maximum

Free cancellation before scheduled event:

14 days

48 hours or more

Cancel at least 48 hrs before the event start, you owe:



Cancel after the 48 hr mark but before 5:00pm the day prior to your event, you owe:



*Cancel after 5:00pm the day prior to your event but before setup, you owe:



Apply cancellation fee to another event if next event occurs within:

*Not eligible

12 weeks of the originally scheduled event.

Anytime within the calendar year or 6 months from your originally scheduled event.

*Cancel after setup, you owe:



Yes.  Our ONLINE RESERVATION system automatically applies discounts when quoting your order.

Currently we allow customer pickup of tables, chairs, concession machines, and many smaller items.
We also allow pickups for some inflatable.  Please ask for further details.

Pickup and return times on weekends are from 9am until 11am.  If you arrive to pickup after 11am there is no guarantee we will be there.

If you return the rental equipment late (after 11am) you will be assessed another days of rental fee.

Yes we can provide attendants at a rate of $25 per hour per attendant if we have enough notice.  Please give us as much notice as possible for your event so we can make those arrangements.

Yes, we are licensed to operate by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  We carry a $1 million dollars of liability insurance for all of our events.  Proof of insurance is available on request.

If you did not find you answers here please feel free to contact us by email or phone at 330-577-3861.